Helps to learn and implement new skills
Improves memory and concentration
Reduces fatigue and helps with ADHD
Backed by scientific studies
Activate new
level of productivity
in your life
for a successful implementation of your plans
Own production facilities
Delivery around the world
EVALITE.Superfood for entrepreneurs, managers and freelancers
through the strengthening of mental abilities for the successful implementation of their projects
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What is it?
The mushroom has no psychedelic effect and is 100% safe for health.
EVALITE.Superfood is a product based on extracts of Lion's Mane mushroom.
No side effects
Benefits backed by scientific research
Legally approved

edible. But it is only its extracts that can give benefits to your brain function and nervous system
The effect accumulates over the period of course (30 days) and remains for two months after the end of the course
The effect is felt within 2-3 hours after ingestion
Lion's Mane is safe and
EVALITE.Superfood is designed for those who are overloaded with a large flow of tasks and information
For whom?
Studies have shown that Erinacine helps to unlock the natural intellectual potential
This is especially helpful if you are:
Therapist, mentor or a coach
Start-up founder
One capsule contains Erinacines and Hericenones, that significantly increase the productivity of the brain
BONUS: The capsules also contain β-D-glucose. It is proven to help and strengthen the immune system.
You are focused on doing important things. Get less distracted by small tasks or social media.
Concentrations on important processes
Contributes to the protection of the nervous system from the influence of bad habits, stress and lack of sleep by replenishing myelin in neurons.
State of nervous system
Increases overall mood. Helps in the fight against anxiety. Normalizes sleep.
Mood and emotions
It's easier for you to get started. Get things done before you start the next one.
Improves memory and brain capacity. You spend less time and effort processing large amounts of data.
Brain work capacity
In other words, your brain will work more efficiently than ever.
All effects are confirmed by scientific research and feedback from our customers.
EVALITE.Superfood influences the growth and development of new neural cells.
EVALITE.Superfood strengthens the main success factor - Mental abilities: concentration, amount of focus and motivation to act.
Scientists confirm the following improvements:
Our product promotes the production of the NGF protein, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.
The nervous system is our only contact with reality.
More NFG means faster process of neurons generation, faster brain function, better concentration, learning and memory.
NGF (Neuron Growth Factor) is needed for the development and activity of nerve cells.
There are products on the market that contain only the crushed body of the fungus or grain mycelium.
Such products are affordable. But taking them is like eating any other mushrooms. The beneficial effects are predictably weak or absent.
The fruiting body and grain mycelium are the raw materials for our product.
EVALITE.Superfood contains extracts of 80% to 99% purity. There is no mushroom, just nutrients + Vitamin C. This formula provides a guaranteed performance boost.
All of our products are laboratory tested for purity and safety.
From 57 grams of the crushed body of the mushroom, we take the Hericenones and β-D-glucose and get 1 gram of our extract
From 33 grams of grain mycelium, we get 1 gram of erinacines
Adding Vitamin C - 100 mg per capsule
One package has 64 capsules
Fruiting body
550 gr
320 gr
Grain mycelium
Vitamin C
6,4 gr
The goal of EVALITE.Superfood is to help you achieve your goals and implement your plans in life
It is important for us that by contacting with our products, people can achieve personal growth faster and for a lower expense
Daily contact with the support team
That is why by buying our product you get not only the capsules
Access to the Goal Achievement Tracker.
Daily monitoring of productivity levels. Recommendations and advice on how to improve them.
Access to the knowledge base: Videos and articles about the work of the brain and mind.
Access to the EVALITE.Superfood community.
Choose your EVALITE.Superfood
Frequently asked questions
Are there any more questions? You can ask them by contacting our support team
Frequently asked questions
If you have more questions you can always ask our support team
How to use?
1-2 capsules daily before meals for one month
  • 6/10 respondents feel the effect after 2 days of taking EVALITE.Superfood
  • The remaining 20% begin to notice changes after 2-3 weeks of use
  • 10-15% see no effects
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